David Tredinnick on Radio 4’s Today Programme (+ buzzer)

Following on from yesterday’s analysis of one of the three papers for which David Tredinnick tabled an Early Day Motion yesterday, there’s been some follow-up. The University of Texas paper on breast cancer had already been comprehensively scrutinised (see here and here), and now the Durban University of Technology paper has also received blogging scrutiny.

Additionally, David Tredinnick has been on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme this morning, attempting to defend his views in a debate with Simon Singh. As usual, this “debate” was presented as though both sides had equal scientific merit, where in fact they do not. Singh did very well in the lottery this time round, but still Tredinnick made so many nonsensical and irrelevant statements that it was inevitable that some of them went unchallenged. Cue the return of The Buzzer to clear up the loose ends.

David Tredinnick Simon Singh debate 24 June 2010 plus buzzer by kooshster


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