February 2018
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A heartfelt and emotional news report on vaccines… which actually conveys the right message

About a week ago, Australian TV network Channel 7 ran a 12-minute piece highlighting the very real consequences of the rising anti-vaccination movement. Remarkably, and fortunately, the report managed to conform to “accepted journalistic standards” (i.e. present both sides of the “debate” even though none actually exists) and still convey the right message. […]


More on the MMR “debate”

For a few days, despite my total disbelief and dismay at the content and tone of her radio rant show and the heavy-handed legal response that followed, I at least had to give credit to Jeni Barnett for allowing the debate surrounding the MMR vaccine scare to continue via the comments on her own blog.

Too good to be true, unfortunately. Yesterday afternoon I sent a comment in to the site where there were over 150 comments already posted. All of them have disappeared. In fact, the post itself, and a second one written in response to the initial stages of the debate that started on the first, together with the comments from that page, now doesn’t appear on the homepage of Jeni’s website. I don’t know the reasons why (they may be perfectly legit from a legal point of view), but for now at least, the debate that Jeni so badly wanted has been stopped – by Jeni herself.

Fortunately, by the power of web-cache, the first 121 comments from the first post, together with the first 81 comments from the second, have been retrieved and posted unabridged on the Quackometer website. It’s a shame the debate was curtailed, but it makes for interesting reading.

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